June 8, 2022

Sales Team Manager

Maintain and develop existing business, identify, pursue and convert profitable new business opportunities and develop a strong pipeline within targeted market segments. Management of team of sales professionals in order to coherently achieve strategic objectives.


  • Management of all personnel within the sales team.
  • Developing & implementing strategies, budgets & plans to ensure the sales function is resourced and aligned with customer needs.
  • Developing & driving sales opportunities within target markets to ensure Company meets its targets & beats the competition.
  • Nurturing existing customer relationships to ensure maintenance and growth of business.
  • Continuously searching for new customers who fit within the defined scope of the sales function in order to increase sales and profits.
  • Clearly understanding customers’ strategies, business plans, buying behaviours & needs.
  • Tracking market and competitor activity to provide insight on which product and service initiatives should be pursued to increase CRP competitiveness.
  • To work in accordance with the Company’s standard operating procedures complying with our requirements to meet and exceed the international quality standard BS EN ISO 9001.

Main Duties:

  • Ensure that the sales team is trained, motivated and managed to ensure the achievement of the Business Group objectives.
  • To visit with existing customers, make contact with potential new customers and clearly document all such contacts.
  • To receive sales enquiries and translating same into sales quotations with support as required.
  • To travel within the United Kingdom and overseas as required.
  • To assist with the preparation of and attend at trade exhibitions as required.
  • To conduct careful contract review of incoming sales orders ensuring full compliance with the tender/proposal. To document such orders into works orders with all associated details.
  • Where necessary liaising with purchasing in respect of outsourced components and products to obtain accurate costings. To assist in the compilation of costings and spreadsheets.
  • Where necessary liaising with technical, manufacturing and project departments in respect of lead times, material and tooling availability.
  • Work with the Marketing Team to generate and support the development of the Marketing Plan for the Business Group.
  • To assist and support the Business Group and Marketing Team with the preparation of data sheets, press releases and promotional material for the Company’s products.
  • To carry out of presentations as necessary to clients.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

  • Effective oral and written communication skills.
  • Deliver excellent customer satisfaction by continuously meeting and exceeding expectations.
  • Understand customer needs and develop interventions to fulfil requirements.
  • Ensure excellent service delivery through operational excellence.
  • Strong interpersonal skills.
  • Excellent computer skills.
  • Excellent attention to detail.
  • Excellent organisation skills.
  • Leading and motivating teams.


  • College educated or Technical background, or equivalent qualification in an engineering or sciences discipline.


  • In high-value sales.
  • Building strong customer relationships.
  • Leading major sales opportunities.
  • Offshore business issues awareness.
  • Technical product knowledge.

Working Environment:

  • Office based role.
  • Frequent travel, domestic and overseas.
  • Occasional out-of-hours working to accommodate time zone variations.