Testing capabilities

Testing for optimum performance

CRP Subsea is uniquely equipped to develop innovative, custom-designed solutions that are tested in-house to ensure we not only meet, but exceed customer specifications, and comply with global industry standards. A wide range of tests are carried out on our unprocessed raw materials, production samples, and end products, to guarantee consistent quality throughout the manufacturing process.

CRP Subsea has exceptional testing facilities at its site in Skelmersdale and is committed to investing in state-of-the-art equipment. We strive to provide our customers with peace of mind and confidence while ensuring superior quality, performance, and efficiency in the products we manufacture and deliver. Our facilities are equipped with world-class material testing and analytical laboratories, to ensure our solutions meet stringent global standards in some of the harshest and most extreme operating conditions.

Our solutions are engineered to meet individual customer requirements across a range of diverse applications, from improving the functionality of products and systems, to enhancing performance, increasing reliability, reducing downtime and providing greater ease-of-use.