NjordFloat Cable Buoyancy

Product Sheet


NjordFloat is a cost-effective buoyancy module that has been specifically designed for optimal performance on floating offshore wind turbine (FOWT) dynamic inter-array and export cables. With over four decades of experience in delivering buoyancy solutions to the offshore industry, we have utilised our expertise to develop this innovative technology.

Due to the aggressively dynamic nature of the offshore environment, FOWTs and their associated cabling encounter distinct challenges. When dealing with conventional rigid connections, such as those found in traditional oil and gas DBM clamps, the possibility of damaging the cable due to overbending is increased. To address this, the NjordFloat features unique innovative bend protection at both ends to effectively mitigate these issues.

NjordFloat is an integral buoyancy module (no separate clamps). Composite bands are used to provide the required clamping pressure with special PU fingers providing the compliant grip onto the cable sheath. The module design includes a clearance in the bore to accommodate cable bending and alleviate any thermal issues, while integrated Bending Stiffeners at both ends limit the cable curvature. A minimal part count ensures efficient installation during deployment.

NjordFloat uses a revolutionary manufacturing process that enables production speeds up to 20 times faster than traditional module manufacturing. This rapid production capability is of utmost importance, especially given the substantial size and demanding schedules of FOWT projects.


Easily adapted for different cable sizes, upthrusts and bending characteristics

Fast production and short lead-times

Fewer parts results in quick installation

Integrated cable bend protection

Thermally efficient



Floating offshore wind turbines