Trimsyn and Trimlok

Product Sheet

Trimsyn and Trimlok

Manufactured using high-performance syntactic foam, Trimsyn syntactic floats are simple to attach with a positive connection. A colour-coded sealing plug provides easy identification of operating depth.

To streamline the attachment of Trimsyn floats, the Trimlok umbilical clamp was developed. Moulded-in a marine-grade polyurethane elastomer, the Trimlok clamp is sized to fit around a cable or umbilical providing a positive grip without damaging the structure of the umbilical. A large eyebolt swivel assembly allows the Trimlok to remain attached to the float using a karabiner and pendant wire.

Trimsyn syntactic floats and the Trimlok attachments are safe, efficient, and easy to use. As the product is off the shelf, stock orders and delivery are quick and easy.


Positive connection attachment

Easy identification of operating depth

Safe, efficient and easy to use

Off the shelf stock



ROV trim buoyancy