NjordGuard CPS

Product Sheet


NjordGuard is an innovative cable protection system designed and developed to protect offshore wind farm power cables in both monopile and J-tube applications.

In order to improve safety and reduce installation complexity, NjordGuard can be installed, removed, and reused without Remote Operated Vehicles (ROVs) or diver intervention.

The NjordGuard design permits both a monopile and J-tube installation for wind turbine generators and offshore substation platforms, without procedural variation.

NjordGuard requires only minimal assembly. The primary external duel stiffener is factory cast directly onto the connector, and the internal stiffener can be supplied pre-assembled. Only the external tail needs to be attached to CRP Subsea’s novel connection system (patent pending).

NjordGuard uses API 17L certified Uraduct® materials for both internal and external components. Uraduct® has an established reputation as the industry standard for cable and flowline protection.


Diverless installation and removal

Monopile and J-tube capable

Integrated and configured for minimal assembly effort

API 17L approved materials


Wind turbine generators

Offshore substation platform