Sensors & monitoring

In order to ensure asset integrity, CRP Subsea offer a subsea capable condition-based monitoring system for offshore risers, umbilicals, pipelines and cables. The Mimir product portfolio is designed to seamlessly integrate into subsea products, such as buoyancy, VIV suppression strakes and cable protection systems. But can also be deployed as a stand-alone solution where subsea insight of assets is required.

Quantify field life with our integrated monitoring solutions

Mimir Cycle


To support the need for subsea asset assurance and life extension, CRP Subsea have worked closely with partners and major operators to produce a step change in subsea structural health monitoring. Closing the design loop with measured field data.

Coming from a 30+ year tenure of affixing ancillaries to complex subsea risers and flowlines, we have seen first-hand the need to simplify sensor installations, and more importantly the need to provide a system that will remain in place for years to come, with the design information to demonstrate it. Having conducted dynamic analysis for years we also have the infrastructure and knowledge to validate the system across multiple test platforms to provide a quantifiable demonstration prior to deployment.

Mimir Digital Intelligence

The name Mimir is derived from ancient Norse, meaning ‘the wise one’. An exceptionally wise counsellor to the gods, carried around by Odin he would whisper insight, knowledge and council aiding all who carried him to fully understand their surroundings.

Over the past 6 years we have developed bespoke electronic hardware based on the latest advancements in sensing technologies, to also be able to provide insight, knowledge, and council to anyone who uses it. The system being fully modular and reconfigurable with up to 50 sensors within a single system. It can last over 7 years producing continued high sample rate logging.