ROV Buoyancy

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  • Supplied in block form or custom moulded shapes.
  • Reduced lead times using in-house CNC machining facility.
  • Various grades available.
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HPS Buoyancy

The success of deep-water exploration and intervention in challenging deep-sea environments relies on precision, reliability and advanced technology. As a key component is ensuring the buoyancy and stability of the manned, autonomous and remote operated vehicles (ROVs), our HPS (High Performance Syntactic) buoyancy range plays a crucial role in facilitating seamless operations beneath the ocean's depths.

HPS Buoyancy is a range of high-performance, low-density syntactic foams that can be tailored to your specific deep-sea buoyancy applications.

HPS Buoyancy can be utilised to make manned, autonomous and remote operated vehicles neutrally buoyant and resistant to hydrostatic pressure. Allowing them to remain at deeper depths for extended periods of time.

It can be supplied in block form for client assembly or precision-machined in-house to exact custom shapes using our 5-axis CNC machining facility. To meet your precise specification, we also offer options for colour, coating and surface finish.


Block form or custom moulded shapes available

In-house CNC machining facility

Fast turnaround times

Various grades available


Remotely operated vehicles (ROV Buoyancy)

Autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV Buoyancy)

Human occupied vehicles (HOV Buoyancy)

HPS Buoyancy specification
HPS BuoyancyMax operating depth (msw)Density (Kg/m3)Max operating pressure (bar)