Range Sheet
  • Configurable submerged weight.
  • The cable can be retrieved if required.
  • Easy installation.
Polyspace 1


Polyspace is used to provide clearance and crossover protection between new cables or pipelines and existing cables or pipelines on the seabed. The system consists of free flooding mouldings, supplied with ballast to provide additional submerged weight if needed.

Polyspace uses clamps to secure the mouldings to the host line during the over boarding or installation phase. No further post-lay operation is necessary to obtain the required separation.

Each Polyspace solution can be tailored to the specific environmental conditions at the installation location. The lead ballast can be varied to give optimal submerged weight and the number of clamps can be varied to secure the Polyspace string to the host line.

Polyspace mouldings are hollow and lightweight for ease of installation. The mouldings are free-flooding eliminating any pressure differential effects at various water depths.

The Polyspace system includes polyurethane stiffeners at each end of the string to protect the host line as it exits the main mouldings.


Fitted to cable or pipeline on the installation vessel

Configurable submerged weight

Lightweight, free-flooding mouldings

Bend protection

No further post-lay operation is required


Provides clearance to existing subsea cables and pipelines

Over bend protection

Seabed stability

Interface with Uraduct®

Subsea cable crossing