Tether Clamp

Product Sheet

Tether Clamp

Tether Clamps are used to keep a dynamic flexible pipe, umbilical or cable in a desired position. They are often used when flexibles are in close proximity and help avoid clashing. The Tether Clamp is installed on the flexible and is then connected to a seabed anchor or gravity base using a tether system.

Tether Clamps are designed to withstand high differential axial loads on the flexible pipe, umbilical or cable, together with high tether loads to the anchor, while coping with all the usual challenges of clamping onto flexible structures.

Tether Clamps can also be supplied with bend protection such as bend restrictors and bellmouths.

The Tether Clamp incorporates a unique swivel design, which permits 360-degree rotation, thereby eliminating torsional loads on the flexible riser, umbilical, or cable.


Withstands high axial and lateral loads

Compliant designs exert low clamping pressure, thus avoiding damage to the flexible

ROV installable solutions with full track record

Integrated bend protection available as an option

Compliant designs for insulated risers and delicate umbilicals

360-degree rotation

API-17L and NORSOK compliant


Flexible Risers


Power / Control / Communication cables

Offshore wind subsea cables