Riser Tower Buoyancy

  • Assembled on land and towed to site.
  • No intermediate clamps needed.
  • Longevity.
Riser Tower 2

Riser Tower Buoyancy

Riser Tower Buoyancy is supplied at specific locations or along the full length of the riser. The buoyancy accommodates both hydrostatic and uniaxial compression loads, temperature profile, and all requirements from installation to decommissioning.

Riser Tower Buoyancy can be designed to transfer buoyancy into a single thrust plate. Syntactic foam elements can also be used in place of top tower buoyancy, removing the need for fabricated compartmentalised steel tanks.

Riser Tower Buoyancy is a proven, maintenance-free syntactic foam system with a 30+ year track record.


Can be assembled on land

Maintenance free


Removes the need for steel tanks