Uraduct® Ballast

Uraduct® Ballast

Uraduct® Ballast can be used where additional submerged weight is required for a cable or flowline, without substantially increasing the overall diameter of the system, the submerged weight can be increased to meet seabed stability requirements. The dynamic response of cables and flowlines can be adjusted by increasing the submerged weight using Uraduct® Ballast.

Made from Polyurethane, Uraduct® has excellent abrasion resistance, making it ideal for dynamic applications where the host cable or pipeline may move relative to the seabed. Uraduct® can be designed to provide a level of impact resistance to reduce the risk of dropped object damage.


Weight designed to meet specific project requirements

Wide size range available

Excellent abrasion and impact resistance

On bottom stability

Dynamic response adjustment

Compact design

Abrasion and dropped object protection


Seabed touch down locations

Dropped object zones

Subsea cable crossings