Mimir Integrated Monitoring

  • As the leading offshore ancillary provider for pipelines and flowlines, we already have the infrastructure in place to monitor assets.
  • A simple ‘plug in’ sensor can introduce digital intelligence into any field without the cost of additional clamps or the complexity of secondary installation campaigns.
Mimir Integrated Strake

Mimir Integrated Monitoring Solutions

To further simplify your offshore experience, our integrated range comes with its own ‘Digital Technician’, so any installation contractor is empowered with the ability to activate, interrogate and appreciate the deployment. The intuitive Mimir Digital Technician provides a real time connection to the sensor, but also offers instructional videos, documents, eLearning, and certificates, not just for the sensor but for the whole package.


Permits motion, strain, temperature and environmental monitoring with minimal cost of ownership

Fully integrated on most buoyancy and pipe protection ancillaries

Removes the need to secondary installation campaigns

Reduces supply chain complexity

Puts the data into the hands of those who can best analyse it.

Latest state-of-the-art industrial sensors

Long life

Fully hot-swappable



Flexible risers