Tri-Strakes® Stinger

Product Sheet

Tri-Strakes® Stinger

Current flow around a pipeline can result in vibration due to vortex shedding. The frequency of this vibration can become close to the natural frequency of the pipe, which can cause catastrophic fatigue or damage the pipeline. Our Tri-Strakes® Stinger suppresses Vortex-Induced Vibration (VIV).

Tri-Strakes® Stinger has the benefits of traditional cable and flowline impact and abrasion protection, with a helical profile for effective VIV suppression. The product is manufactured from marine-grade polyurethane (PU).

Tri-Strakes® Stinger can accommodate high installation loads encountered during S-lay or J-lay. The strake design can be a triangular or trapezoidal profile to offer varying degrees of flexibility during installation.

Proven strake geometries include 16-17.5D pitch x 0.25D fin height or 5D pitch x 0.14D fin height. Computational fluid dynamics has been undertaken to gain a clear understanding of the most effective geometries for effective VIV suppression.

Tri-Strakes® Stinger can be designed to suit specific project requirements. Previous designs include one piece ‘wrap-around’ mouldings with castellated or socket/spigot ends or interlocking half-shells.


Eliminates periodic vortex shedding

High load bearing capability

Strake geometry

Can be designed to meet individual project requirements

High impact and abrasion resistant

Suitable for S-lay and J-lay loads