NjordShield CPS

Product Sheet


NjordShield is an innovative and cost-effective cable protection system (CPS) that is suitable for both J-tube and monopile wind farm installations. With over 30 years’ experience in providing cable bending solutions to the offshore industry, we have utilised our expertise to develop this technology.

Like its counterpart NjordGuard, the NjordShield CPS incorporates advanced material technology and optimised geometry to ensure it provides long-term cable stability and performance at the freespan between structure and seabed.

Using proven clamping technology borrowed from our buoyancy products, NjordShield is secured in a typical funnel type bellmouth and utilises the existing hang off clamp inside the structures for cable and CPS security.

NjordShield features our advanced API 17L certified Uraduct® abrasion-resistant polyurethane, and can be extended to provide seabed protection across the scour extremities to the point of burial. NjordShield has the option to be supplied either with or without a flexible internal bend stiffener.

A unique benefit of NjordShield is its small individual component size, this is particularly beneficial when deck space is limited for both storage and deployment. The small individual component size makes for easy manoeuvring and minimises storage space required on the back deck. NjordShield grips the cable rather than having a clearance, so it can be deployed from a simple flat deck barge being installed one piece at a time. NjordShield requires no complicated overboarding equipment other than a cable chute.

Typically for installation into trumpeted J-tubes, NjordShield is a cost-effective solution without a connector or the requirement to latch into position. Furthermore, it does not require the use of any pull-in heads or weak links for installation meaning no sacrificial parts or component resets are needed.

Full ultimate limit state (ULS) and fatigue limit state (FLS) studies are available to suit each unique application of NjordShield, either as part of a supply contract or as an up-front Early-Engineering-Appraisal.


Monopile and J-tube capable

Small size ideal for smaller installation vessel

Easy handling and manoeuvring

Less storage space required

API 17L approved materials

Can be deployed from a flat deck barge


Wind turbine generators

Offshore substation platform