Piggyback System

Range Sheet
  • Durable, tough and light weight
  • Excellent impact and abrasion resistance
  • Minimal creep and deformation
Piggyback System

Piggyback Clamp

A pipeline laying operation may have a requirement to simultaneously lay a small diameter service line or umbilical. During the installation, to ensure that the secondary lines are adequately supported between surface and seabed, they can be attached to the main pipeline using a clamp arrangement. This attachment method is known as piggybacking.

The Piggyback System is a pair of “snap-together”, injection-moulded, marine grade polypropylene saddles. The two pieces are fixed in position by a highly corrosion-resistant Alloy 625 circumferential banding strap. A unique sealing assembly technique ensures no movement in the seal.

For post-installation of the second line, the diver friendly piggyback guide has been designed to improve safety. The guide uses edge-treated banding and an improved fastening system eliminates sharp edges, reducing the risk of cuts to the diver. The innovative design reduces handling time and improves installation efficiency, whilst increasing diver safety.


Safe installation

Efficient installation

Tough, durable design

Increased diver safety

Safe fastening system