Modular Buoyancy

Product Sheet

Modular Buoyancy

Modular Buoyancy is used for short and long term applications, such as weight compensation while installing many types of subsea equipment as well as providing permanent buoyancy to mooring chains, jacket leg platforms, and flowline buckling mitigation systems.

The Modular Buoys have a modular design allowing the net buoyancy to be configured to meet all water depth and upthrust requirements. Each module has an engineered structural core, ensuring maintenance-free performance throughout the design life. The interlocking male and female spigots eliminate the risk of the modules rotating when in use.

They have a polyethylene skin that gives the modular subsea buoys a tough exterior which protects the buoyancy core during handling and deployment. The Modular Buoy has a bright yellow finish and the highly reflective tape, which guarantees that the buoys are easy to spot in the ocean.


Buoys range from 10kg to over 100te

Easy to repair and maintenance free

Configurable net buoyancy for depth and upthrust requirements

Configurable to meet all requirements

Maintenance-free performance

Qualified to 3000 metres


Subsea structure buoyancy

Weight compensation of subsea equipment

Offshore installation