Midwater Arches

  • Designed to support flexible risers, umbilicals or cables at a specified location, depth and proximity, with a typical design life of 30 years.
  • Integrated bend protection.
  • Can be supplied as a fully fabricated structure or with composite integrated buoyancy.
Midwater Arches Installation

Midwater Arches

Midwater Arches support flexible Risers, Umbilicals and Cables as they rise from the seabed to the surface.

Midwater Arches are often used where a compact field layout is required or when many flexibles are in close proximity and clashing with other structures, such as mooring lines, is a risk. For particular applications, a Midwater Arch System is required to provide a buoyant upthrust to the risers to maintain the wave configuration. Midwater Arches may be used instead of distributed buoyancy modules.


Composite solutions available for deep-water applications.

Complete system design services available. (Arch, Moorings and Gravity Bases)

Modular solutions available for easy transportation and installation.


Dynamic risers