Bend Stiffener

Range Sheet
  • Provides additional local stiffness to the umbilical or flowline.
  • Limits bending stresses and curvature.
  • Prevents structure damage from over bending.
Bend Stiffener

Bend Stiffener

Bend Stiffeners are used to protect flexible pipelines from over bending at the termination point. Manufactured from an elastomeric material, the Bend Stiffener is suited to the constant wave and current-induced motion of dynamic installations, and can also be used for static applications.

The conical shape of Bend Stiffener provides gradual increases in the overall stiffness of the flexible pipe, umbilical or cable, in order to prevent over bending at the termination point.


Guaranteed design

High performance

Reduces point loading


Subsea riser


Flexible pipes