Standardised Cable Buoyancy

Standardised Cable Buoyancy

The Standardised Cable Buoyancy range is a low cost design used to keep the required length of cable buoyant underwater. They are ideal for, but not limited to, cables with a diameter between 50mm to 250mm.

They are commonly used for floating offshore wind farms and traditional oil and gas projects, with single buoyancy module uplift ranging from a few kilograms to hundreds of kilograms.

Comprised of a composite syntactic core encased in a low density, high strength polyethylene shell the buoyancy modules are light weight making them extremely easy to install. They are highly robust and have a long, proven track record in the offshore energy industry.

The Renewables Cable Buoyancy incorporates a unique innovative clamp system ensuring the clamp and module installation is within two to three minutes, consequently installation costs are kept to a minimum. The standardised buoyancy element promotes efficient project deliverables ensuring lead times are measured in weeks rather than months.


Fast and efficient installation

Low cost solution

Short lead times

Standardised product range



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