Cable Protection Repair System

Product Sheet

Cable Protection Repair System (CPRS)

The Cable Protection Repair System (CPRS) can be deployed where an existing Cable protection System (CPS) has structurally failed resulting in an exposed cable or where the CPS has slipped from within the J-tube which will result in the cable being exposed. In both cases this leaves the cable unprotected against over-bending and wear in the aggressive subsea environment, causing further damage at the site of failure.

CRP Subsea’s CPRS is an innovative design which has been developed to strengthen existing or repair failed cable protection systems for offshore windfarm power cables in J-tube applications. This will protect the power cable, which in turn will enable the turbine to continue to function for the rest of its design life.

The CPRS takes the form of a dynamic bending limiter. It has a split design consisting of two half shells which are placed over the bell mouth and covers the broken section of the CPS. CRP Subsea use their 30 years of knowledge and expertise in the Oil & Gas industry to provide a bend limiter that provides 360° bend protection, to prevent any further damage to the cable.

The CPRS can be installed in-situ subsea with diver assistance without the need to remove the existing cable or damaged CPS components. It can be designed to interface with multiple third-party cable protection systems and is manufactured from API 17L certified material.


Can be installed in-situ without the need to remove the cable or existing CPS

Bespoke custom design to interface with multiple third-party cable protection systems

API 17L certified material

All metal work is covered with sacrificial cathodic protection

Maintain the manufacturers recommended minimum bend radius (MBR) for the life of the project

Relatively low submerged weight for ease of handling

Easily extendable and suitable for any diameter

Lightweight, quick, easy and safe for a diver to install

Protection from over bending and buckling

No maintenance required

Marine grade polymers and corrosion resistance incorporated


Reinforce existing CPS or repair failed CPS

Wind turbine generators

Offshore substation platform