J-Tube Bung

Product Sheet

J-Tube Bung

J-Tube Bungs are used to prevent the loss of corrosion inhibitor solution used in the annulus, fitted between the hostline and the J-Tube bore.

The seal is secured to the host line by an integral clamp. It can then be pulled into the J-Tube or I-Tube with the host line. Typically the seal will be installed in the J-Tube just behind the entry bellmouth. It is installed by diver.

Polyurethane seal elements are used to provide an interference fit to hold the host line and the J-Tube bore. The interference fit provides the seal by diver activation. This means there is no resistance during the flexible or umbilical pull in operation.

J-Tube seals are primarily used to prevent the loss of corrosion inhibitor within the J-Tube annulus.


Installable by subsea divers

Simple installation

Corrosion inhibitor retention

Interference fit

Tailored design

No added resistance during pull in operations
maintaining winch capacity



Centralising action