Integral Buoyancy Module

Product Sheet

Integral Buoyancy Module

Integral Buoyancy Modules clamp directly to subsea pipelines providing buoyancy at specific locations. They are typically attached to pipelines such as flexible and steel lazy-wave risers, cables, umbilicals, flowlines, spools and jumpers.

The Integral Buoyancy Module combines the functions of the traditional clamp and buoyancy elements into one unit, so there is no need for a separate internal clamp assembly. It consists of buoyancy elements which are held together with tensioned securing strap assemblies, providing a uniform clamping pressure, therefore reducing the peak pressure and eliminating risk of damage to the underlying pipe or cable.

Integral Buoyancy Modules offer improved handleability using an innovative lightweight installation tool, providing enhanced safety. This coupled with less component parts also makes installation faster and more cost effective.

Integral Buoyancy Modules can operate in shallow-water to ultra-deep environments.


Integral compliant clamping system

Uniform clamping pressure

Fast, efficient and safe offshore installation

Reduced component parts, improving cost efficiencies

Reduced transport and storage costs


Deep water buoyancy systems

All subsea pipeline and cable configurations

Dynamic applications

Wind farm cables