Drill Riser Buoyancy Module

Product Sheet

Drill Riser Buoyancy Module

Drill Riser Buoyancy Modules are fitted along the length of the riser to reduce the weight of a drilling riser to a manageable level. Reducing this weight is critical in expanding exploration and resource recovery for ultra-deepwater fields.

Drill Riser Buoyancy Modules densities provide uplift for a riser in saltwater depths up to 12,000 ft. A low-density syntactic foam core comprised of a combination of hollow composite microspheres and macrospheres provide uplift.

Designs include recesses to accommodate the fastening hardware and auxiliary lines of drill risers, and a tough exterior skin provides excellent abrasion and impact resistance to avoid damage during handling and installation.


Increased mechanical strength

Optimised uplift

Designed for harsh marine environments

Wide depth range

Syntactic foam core

Moulded recesses

Fiberglass exterior skin


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