Product Sheet


Linksyn provides an even distribution of buoyancy along with an umbilical due to its interlocking and articulated design. It prevents the umbilical from bending below its minimum bend radius and provides mechanical support in the event load is applied to the umbilical. Two new additions to the range are the Linksyn SD and Linksyn HD systems.

Linksyn protects the flexible umbilical from overbending, whilst also removing weight through the buoyancy. This is great for things like ROV’s which don’t want to be burdened with weight on top of their normal job as this would reduce their capacity. It also means the buoyancy allows bend protection and control to be gained without additional stress to the customers end fitting.

Linksyn includes buoyant interlocking vertebrae, installed either directly on an ROV or plough umbilical termination or mid-water by means of a tether clamp. Each element comprises of a buoyant syntactic composite core encapsulated within a resilient polyethylene external shell.


Reduce umbilical failure

Controlled management of the umbilical

Buoyancy trimming of the umbilical


ROV umbilical termination