November 2, 2022

CRP Subsea awarded a large flowline protection contract for an offshore gas development in China

CRP Subsea has recently been awarded another large contract to supply 1,600 metres of Tri-Strakes® (Vortex Induced Vibration strakes), in various sizes, for an offshore gas development in China, after successful previous supply.

CRP Subsea’s Tri-Strakes® have a proven track record of being able to accommodate high installation loads encountered during S-lay or J-lay, which was a key specification of this project. CRP Subsea’s innovative manufacturing process means that the Tri-Strakes® can be produced faster than systems manufactured using traditional techniques, ensuring the strict delivery schedule can be met.

Ben Stubbens, Sales Team Manager at CRP Subsea states: “This award is another positive step in our ever-growing worldwide reputation, helping to strengthen our position as a market leader in the supply of subsea ancillaries for critical applications in demanding environments.

T-Strake 720 x 450

Engineering works are due to commence at CRP Subsea’s World Class production facility in the North West of England this year, with completion and installation in early 2023.

Tri-Strakes® are a vital riser and pipeline ancillary in free spans, where current cross flows can cause Vortex Induced Vibration (VIV), in turn causing fatigue failure of the pipeline or its connections. Tri-Strakes® have the benefits of traditional cable and flowline impact and abrasion protection, with a helical profile for effective VIV suppression, thus protecting the pipelines from future failure and prolonging their lifespan.

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