July 8, 2022

CRP Subsea awarded major deepwater contract to provide two buoyancy solutions in the Gulf of Mexico

CRP Subsea has recently been awarded a major deepwater contract to provide two of their market-leading buoyancy solutions in the Gulf of Mexico.

CRP Subsea’s unique Rotating Buoyancy Modules will be used to mitigate flowline buckling combined with their innovative Integral Buoyancy Modules, helping to generate a system riser configuration.

Steve Bray, Commercial Team Manager at CRP Subsea states: “This award continues to strengthen our collaboration with a market-leading installation contractor and build on our unrivalled track-record for both buoyancy solutions. We are extremely proud to have been chosen to supply two of our innovative solutions for this project and look forward to collaborating further in the future

Oil Rig sunset

Engineering works are due to commence at CRP Subsea’s World Class buoyancy production facility in the North West of England later this year, with completion and deployment in mid-2023.

Rotating Buoyancy Modules are used to mitigate buckling in seabed pipelines, they roll on the seabed reducing lateral friction and berm creation, allowing repeatable and predictable pipeline behaviour. Integral Buoyancy Modules clamp directly to subsea pipelines providing buoyancy at specific locations, they combine the functions of the traditional clamp and buoyancy elements into one unit, so there is no need for a separate internal clamp assembly.

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