June 6, 2022

CRP Subsea expands with new precision engineered manufacturing cell

CRP Subsea has made a large investment in a new precision engineered manufacturing cell to support their increased manufacturing production demand. The purpose-built cell expands their machining capabilities by introducing a state-of-the art 5-axis CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) machine and a 3-axis turning centre.

The new precision engineered manufacturing cell enables CRP Subsea to machine a wide range of polymer materials into complex shapes very efficiently and is suited to the most demanding applications. Having the enhanced capability in-house gives CRP Subsea the agility to easily support innovative ideas and customisation.

CNC Machines 720 x 350px

Ray Cann, Head of Operations at CRP Subsea states “Investing in this equipment will allow us to provide products with the highest quality in order to maximize customer satisfaction whilst further reducing lead times. We will also be looking at developing innovative solutions in partnership with our customers.

The new manufacturing cell in Skelmersdale, Lancashire, will initially be used to produce the internal clamp bodies for Distributed Buoyancy Modules. The 5-axis CNC machine provides outstanding accuracy, efficiency, and cost effectiveness, along with exceptional quality and durability. In addition, CRP Subsea is also increasing its staff resource to support the expansion of the business.

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